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Angry Little Girls / Anger is a Gift

Angry Little Asian Girl Five Angry Episodes DVD

Angry Little Asian Girl Five Angry Episodes DVD

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"When it comes to animation, Lee is a minimalist, using simple Magic Marker drawings, but boy does she have plenty to say. Her diminutive grade-school age heroine unleashes a torrent of foul language whenever she's offended-and this happens a lot-by any behavior that strikes her as racist or discriminatory (or male chauvinist). Her unleashed rage is at once hilarious-so much tough talk from such a little girl-and therapeutic. The treatment she rightly objects to deserves the liberating blowtorch she gives it. Lee leaves you suspecting that Lee's feisty heroine is saying out loud what a lot of Asian Americans, young and old, male and female, are often feeling but not saying."
             -Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times - April 30, 1998

"Lela Lee's "Angry Little Asian Girl" - a collection of shorts that views like a marker drawn slide-show in which the grade-school heroine tackles racism, gender issues, and stereotype with a blue tongue. Imagine South Park with the musings of Margaret Cho, and you'll get the picture."
                                -Ernest Harding, LA Weekly - April 1998

Episodes Included in DVD:

1. The First Day of School
2. Pat
3. Saturday at the Park
4. Lunch with Sally
5. Park Bench

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