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Angry Little Girls / Anger is a Gift

Angry Little Girls 15th Anniversary Edition Re-released Book

Angry Little Girls 15th Anniversary Edition Re-released Book

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The bestselling first book, "Angry Little Girls" is re-released in larger size with a new introduction by the author. Angry Little Girls evolved from an animated video Lee made in college titled, "The Angry Little Asian Girl." The positive reaction to the original character prompted Lee to draw weekly comics that included other "Angry Little Girls." Kim, Deborah, Maria, Wanda and Xyla along with their pets and boy characters Bruce and Pat, appear in the weekly comics that are cute, funny, edgy, fresh, sweet and of course, ANGRY! This collection of comics was first published in April 2005 and two months later had gone into its fourth printing. The popularity of this book and others books that followed, confirmed Lela's hunch that females, who have long been told that anger is not ladylike, are actually ANGRY LITTLE GIRLS.

Interior Color Pages
Page Count 90

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